Scott Hime was born in Dayton, Ohio on November 15, 1953. His interest in photography started during his high school years. He started with an old Brownie Box Camera. Down in the basement of his parent's home he developed his first roll of film, photographs of friends. He still remembers holding the wet strip of negatives up against the basement window to see his first images. A friend had an old enlarger that Scott borrowed. When making his first print he had no idea how to expose and develop it. The exposure was long and during development he pulled the print from the developer after just 10 seconds because it was turning black so quickly. It was filled with dark grays, muddy and splotchy. The next day he took the print into the friend he had borrowed the enlarger from and asked “Where did I go wrong?” With friendly advice, practice and reading books Scott developed his passion.

Scott married his high school sweetheart, Jenny in 1976. Scott graduated from Wright State University with a degree in Anthropology in 1977. He took art photography courses every semester of his college career. After a short stint as manager of the camera dept. at the local Sears store, Scott resigned and started classes at the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton. He received his degree in portraiture in the spring of 1981. Looking around Dayton at that time, Scott decided that since there seemed to be a photographer on every corner (thanks to OIP graduating a hundred a year). He chose to move to Sarasota, FL to open his studio.

During the course of raising his family and running his Portrait Wedding studio Scott continued to create his own personal fine art adding to his portfolio year after year. Besides working on personal projects in his studio, he would also take day trips around the state of Florida searching for landscape images. His real treats were on his longer trips where he would go by himself for days at a time to various locations in the western half of the United States. He would wonder through California, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. There were also the family vacations usually up to the Smoky Mountains. On those trips he would arise before sunrise while the family were still sleeping and go off in search of cascades and falls. He would try to return to be with the family by lunch time. In the family’s growing years his children, Matt( b.1983) or Sarah (b.1986) would join him and play in the cascades or hunt for salamanders while Scott was shooting. Scott remembers many times when he would have Matt wade into the stream and remove a fallen limb from some wonderful composition where it had fallen across a cascade of falls.

"Scott‘s love of his art extends fully from creation of the image to the technical aspects of photography. He not only thrives on the search for and capture of the subjects he chooses, but he also appreciates the archival processing that ensures his photographs will be around for generations. Scott’s choices of cameras for his fine art are the large formats (12 x 20, 11x14, 8 x 10, 5 x 7 and 4 x 5). His reasons for these cameras over others are due to the smooth tonality, richness of detail and fine grain of the larger film format. He loves the jewel like quality of the contact print. The cameras themselves allow him complete control of perspective and depth of subject focus. We are lucky to be witness to his unique approach of subjects that otherwise would surely be missed by the average wanderer. Scott brings to life a wonderful look at the world we live in." -J. R. vanLienden

Scott K. Hime

Master of Photography